- Vietnam and Israel established diplomatic relations in 1993. July 12 in December of the same year, Israel opened its embassy in Hanoi, initiated many activities to expand mutual understanding, promote economic cooperation , commercial, training, exchange of experience science and technology ... especially in agricultural fields, irrigation, health.
    - Vietnam Israel for hundreds of short-term training scholarships, experts to technology transfer in Vietnam, establishing agricultural farms at Ha Giang, Ha Tay, Hanoi ...
    - Israel has contributed to help us overcome some disasters, building houses of gratitude, clinic for the poor, help the disabled children ...
    - Although limited by the Middle East, Vietnam trade - Israel increased annually and reached about 68 million dollars (2005) to nearly 80 million in 2006 and 147 million in 2007. Vietnam Footwear Shoes, clothing, agricultural products imported from Israel and high-tech equipment, chemicals, fertilizer .... Israeli companies participate in joint ventures, invest in some projects in Vietnam, such as Landmark buildings in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Capital Fund. Israel is ranked No. 56/81 countries and territories investing in Vietnam.
    - The Israeli delegation visited Vietnam: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General (Deputy Minister) J. Hadass 3/93 visit Vietnam; Labour foreign Head of Israel (November 1995); Finance Minister Schohat (January 1996); Postal L.Livnat Ministers (June 1997); Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture (August 1997); National Infrastructure Minister E. Zanberg (August 2004). Minister of Agriculture (May 2007), Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (November 2007).
    - The Vietnam delegation visits Israel: Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry (May 1993); Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Dy Nien (July 1993); Inter-ministerial delegation headed by Deputy Industry leader Nguyen Minh Thong (December 1994); Party Committee Deputy Foreign PRIVATE Do Van Tai visit (March 1995), the Israeli Labour Party congress (1997); Deputy Foreign Minister Tran Quang Co (April 1995); Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Cong Tan (2000); Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Environment Chu Hao (2001); Deputy Minister of Trade Do Nhu Dinh (2005), Deputy Foreign Minister Vu Dung (April 2008).


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