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​1.Apply in person at the headquarters of the representative body
(See list of missions with consular functions for more detailed information about the address and time of filing and receiving results)
Agency representatives review records, if any unclear points need to verify the power of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consular Department or the Vietnam Committee for Overseas.
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Ingredients Profile
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Ingredients Profile
​1.The declaration granting preferential certificate form
​2.Certified copy of one of the following documents (including those issued before 1975):
- Passport or papers that can substitute a valid passport issued by foreign countries with their name and place of birth Vietnam Vietnam.
- Birth certificate, identity card, identity card, old passport; household registration book (or the family book).
- "Certificate of descent Vietnam" by Vietnam representative agencies in foreign countries or in Vietnam Committee for Overseas previously granted
- "Certificate of having blood ties Vietnam" by Vietnam representative agencies in foreign countries or in Vietnam Committee for overseas
- Citizenship certificates Vietnam
- Certificate of loss of nationality Vietnam
​3.Papers proving the preferential beneficiaries.
A certified copy of the following documents: Certificate of medals, medals, certificates of merit; certificate of family parties or contributed to the revolution; Investment License; confirmation of capital; invitation of ministries, provinces and managing; decisions or documents of equivalent value on the approval of construction projects of social welfare projects; certificates of charitable activities, humanitarian services of students
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