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(Promulgated together with the Minister of Finance's Circular No. 264/2016/TT-BTC of November 14, 2016)

No.List of feesUnit of calculationRates (USD)
AIssuance of passports  
1Issuance of new onePassport70
2Extension of diplomatic passport or official passportPassport30
3Supplementation or modification Passport15
4Sticking of children's photosPassport15
5Re-issuance in replacement of damaged or lost onePassport150
1Issuance of new oneLaissez-passer20
2Re-issuance in replacement of damaged or lost oneLaissez-passer40
IIIIssuance of AB stamp (for ordinary passport holders on official duty)Stamp15
BNationality-related fees  
2Restoration of nationality Person200
3Renunciation of nationalityPerson200
CRegistration of child adoption  
 To comply with Point dd, Clause 1, Article 6 of the Government's Decree No. 114/2016/ND-CP of July 8, 2016, prescribing fees for registration of child adoption and grant of operation license for foreign adoption organizationsCase150
DOther regulations  
 Vietnamese permanently residing in China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia or countries facing war or dangerous epidemics shall pay fees equal to 20% of the corresponding rates set for each job specified in this Tariff  



(Promulgated together with the Minister of Finance's Circular No. 264/2016/TT-BTC of November 14, 2016)

No.List of chargesUnit of calculationRates (USD)
AVisas of all kinds  
1Those for single entry and exit Visa25
2Those for multiple entry and exit:  
a/Valid for 3 monthsVisa50
b/Valid from more than 3 months up to 6 monthsVisa95
c/Valid from more than 6 months up to 1 yearVisa135
d/Valid from more than 1 year up to 2 yearsVisa145
e/Valid from more than 2 years up to 5 yearsVisa155
g/Visa granted to under-14 children (regardless of validity period)Visa25
3Transfer of valid visa from old passport to new oneVisa5
BCertification and registration of citizens  
1Issuance of visa exemption certificateCertificate 10
2Issuance of citizen registration certificateCertificate 5
3Birth registration  
a/Birth registration Certificate 5
b/Birth re-registration Certificate 15
a/Marriage registration Certificate 70
b/Marriage re-registrationCertificate 120
5Death registration  
a/Death registration Certificate 5
b/Death re-registration Certificate 15
6Recognition of parents or children  
 Registration of recognition of parents or childrenCertificate 200
7Registration of changes in, correction of, or addition to events which have been registered at a Vietnamese representative mission or competent foreign agency and recorded in register of the Vietnamese representative missionCertificate 30
8Registration, termination or change of guardianship among overseas VietnameseCertificate 30
9Other registration and certification  
a/Issuance of extract copyCopy 5
b/Issuance of certificate of the marital status of Vietnamese citizen during the period of overseas residenceCertificate 10
c/Issuance of certificate of recording changes according to judgment or decision of competent Vietnamese agency, including: change in nationality, identification of parents or children, sex re-assignment, child adoption, divorce, cancellation of illegal marriage, recognition of marriage; recognition of guardianship, declaration or cancellation of declaration of missing, death, loss or restriction on civil legal capacity Certificate 10
d/Recording of birth registration; marriage; divorce, cancellation of marriage; guardianship; recognition of parents and children; and child adoption; declaration of death and other changes which have been settled by competent foreign  agencies, and issuance of original extracts thereofExtract 20
e/Certificate of eligibility for marriageCertificate 20
g/Certificate of person holding Vietnamese nationality or originating from Vietnam; certificate of nationality-related issue at the request of citizenCertificate 20
h/Certificate of other specific contents at the request of citizen (certifying a person is alive, is currently residing in the host country or has a child studying at a specific school (A, B, etc.)Certificate 20
CConsular certification and legalization  
1Legalization of papers/documentsDocument 10
2Consular certification chargeDocument 10
DNotarization and certification   
1Notarization and certification of contract or transaction (except contract on sale, purchase, transformation, transfer, donation, lease or mortgage of real estate, contract on capital contribution in immovable property, agreement on asset division, and document  on acceptance of estate being immovable property)Document 50
2Certification of true copy; certification of signature in paper or and document in Vietnamese; certification of signature of translator of document translated from a foreign language into Vietnamese or from Vietnamese into a foreign languageDocument 10
3Notarization of testament, modification, supplementation, replacement or cancellation of testament; notarization of documents on renunciation of inheritanceDocument 20
4Issuance of copy of notarized documentCopy 5
5Issuance or certification of paper or document related to ship, aircraft or other means of transportDocument 15
EPaper or document verification (freights excluded)Dossier or document50
GReceipt and forwarding of petitions and evidences of Vietnamese citizens and legal entities  
1Archive of testament and preservation of paper, document or valuable object of Vietnamese citizenDocument or object/year20
2Receipt and forwarding of petition and evidence of Vietnamese citizen or legal person to competent domestic agency (freights excluded)Document or object10
HOther regulations  
1Vietnamese permanently residing in China, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia or countries facing war or dangerous epidemics shall pay charges equal to 20% of the corresponding rates prescribed for each job specified in this Tariff  
2Charges for rush work and overtime work when dossiers are valid  
a/Within a day (24 hours): equal to 150% of the charge for corresponding job prescribed in this Tariff   
b/Within a day and a half (36 hours): equal to 130% of the charge for corresponding job prescribed in this Tariff   
c/Overtime work, work after dossier-receiving hours or on holidays: equal to 140% of the charge for corresponding job prescribed in this Tariff  


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